Stevie: Hello.

Bc: How Has superstar status affected your life?

Stevie: In every way that is possible, or imaginable.

Bc: Do you think that we can become friends? (which has happened since the interview)

Stevie: Sure.

Bc: Do you let fans visit your home in Arizona?

Stevie: No, I dont. For security reasons, I cannot.

Bc: Thank you very much for doing this interview, maybe we can do another sometime.

Stevie: Your welcome, and we sure can!

Bc: I love you.

Stevie: same.

Bc: Bye.

Stevie: Bye!

Another chance I got to speak with Stevie, although beifly, was a long time ago on a Yahoo! chat. It goes as follows:

Bc: When did you start working on enchanted???

Stevie: The minute i got home from the fleetwood mac tour.