Twilights Moon: C L O C K W O R K

Twilights Moon's ClockWork is a collection of 12 melodic, inspired, and extremely personal songs which are written and performed by Brian Larsen.

The album, which is avaliable now for order, has taken Brian over a year to complete and is his best effort ever. The album features a song co-written with Lindsey Buckingham, as well as a song co-written with his uncle, Bryon Moore, and even a cover of a classic Go-Go's song.



01. I have My Doubts (Larsen/Buckingham)
02. Cant Walk Away [Because Im Misunderstood] (Larsen/Moore)

03. Head Over Heels (Wiedlin/Caffey/Valentine) Sample 1 Sample 2
04. Circles on The Water (Larsen)
05. I should Know (Larsen)
06. The Game (Sanger [piano version by Larsen])
07. In These Dark Woods (Larsen/Moore)
08. War Song (Larsen)
09. War Song (Continued) [Effect] (Larsen)
10. There is a Difference (You're out of Luck) (Larsen)
11. Im Leaving (Larsen)
12. Nothing Changes (Larsen)

Just a few commments about ClockWork from fellow observers...

"It's great!.. One of the most melodic collections 
of music I have yet to hear. Goes into my book of 
favorites..."-- Joseph P. Ferrywood Hunter Media 

"Great songs, great music, Great album" -- John B. Laureth

"The best yet.. I cant wait till the next one"-- 
Mike F. Stompro

"Brian totally takes the prize for best new artist!"
--Daniel Amingham

"There is not one imperfection in the entire album. 
A masterpiece!"--Shane McLauhphile

"He [Brian] is one of a kind. His talent is unmatched 
and never will be... I love ClockWork!" -- Richard R. Nagel

Twilights Moon: ClockWork