Debra Ritz Mason - 1951 - 2006

Debra Ritz Mason

Debra Ritz Mason passed away on August 9, 2006 at the age of 55. While her memorial site is being compiled, I'll share a brief summary of my time with Debra -- those who knew Debra will find the message of her warmth and positivity to be strikingly similar to their own encounters with this amazing woman.

Debra was completely unlike anyone I've ever met -- her honesty, beauty, and grace were unmatched. Even in the last few months of her life, she maintained an elegance and positive attitude that could only come from such a determined and incredible soul.

I was able to befriend Debra during the last seven years of her life. During that time, we became business partners and friends, but perhaps more importantly, she became like a parent to me. She had an amazing maternal instinct... despite having no children, she seemed to be able to draw so readily on wisdom and experience. Somehow, her advice always solved the problem. Debra was an inextinguishable light to all those fortunate individuals whom she touched during her short life.

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-Brian Larsen
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