Mama and Walter: What to do with the money

Mama has always tried to please her children. She incurs whatever hardships are neccesary for their welfare.
However, when Mama received a healthy sum of money (10,000.00), which was unheard of for their family, Walter immediately seemed to have 'dibs' on a great portion of it.
To fund a liquor store, Walter asks for 7,500.00, three-fourths of her sum. Initially, she does not comply. Still, Walter presses her, even using an adult form of reverse psychology to convince her that she doesn't do enough to fertilize his dreams.
Although it wears a great deal on Mama emotionally, she eventually gives in, and grants her child the 7,500.00 he wishes for his project.
In the end, the money granted to Walter evaporates because he allowed an untrusty business partner access to it.