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Helping to inform the world about self-mutilation

This site has been designed as a tool to inform visitors (primarily doctors) about self-mutilation: it's forms, causes, stigma, and treatment. Perhaps more importantly, however, this site will be used as a non-profit vehicle to launch campaigns to inform and treat self-mutilation. As is the case with all medical references, if you or a loved one is in immediate danger, please do not consult this website: call 911 immediately.

The International Self-Multilation Awareness Group was formed in 2003 by renowned musician Brian Larsen of the band Twilight's Moon as a way to inform people about the debilitating illness that is self-mutilation. Larsen made his disease public in the fall of 2002, seeking treatment immediately thereafter.
Upon rehabilitation, Larsen decided to found ISMAG in order to help others with the disease. He is the first in a long line of artists, actors, and authors to try to make a difference, using his public persona to get his message about self-mutilation out to the world.

View the "Getting Involved" page to see how you can help make a difference in the fight against Self-Mutilation.

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