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What was it like touring with Lindsey?
Thank you for your question. It was great touring with Lindsey. He's quite the musician and songwriter, and an excellent band arranger. We had a large 10 piece band that featured 5 guitarists. It was a guitar army! We all played arranged parts off of "Out of the Cradle" and other Fleetwood Mac songs, including The Chain, Go Your Own Way, and So Afraid.

Lindsey is quite the perfectionist as well. We rehearsed 5 days a week about 9 hours a day for several months preparing to go on the road. All rehearsals were taped too, so we could monitor the progress. It was a great experience working with him and eventually inspired me to write my own songs and become a solo-artist myself, upon conclusion of my work with Lindsey.

We did 2 tours. One tour was mostly small theaters and large clubs where we headlined. The 2nd tour was opening for Tina Turner at large arena's and outdoor venues across the USA and Canada. Radio City Music Hall, in New York City, was one of my favorite venues we got to play.

All I can say is that it was one of the best musicial experiences I've had in my career and I feel extremely lucky and proud to have been a part of Lindsey's work. He continues to inspire me and I wish him the best with his new record!

Thanks for your question!
Janet Robin

Where I can find your music?
Thank you for your question. You can find my music/cd's available thru my website, which is: Http://www.janetrobin.com and if you're interested in purchasing there, you can do so by mail-order. Or, if you wish to purchase via credit card, I also have CD's available at: Http://cdbaby.com/janetrobin

Thanks for your interest!
Janet Robin

Is Lindsey a big perfectionist? I've heard interviews with other people that say he is. What do you think?
Lindsey is definatly a perfectionist. Yes. But most artists of any worth are perfectionists of some sort. I personally don't think it's a bad trait. The only thing that happens is that it sometimes slows down production of one's work, thus far: it takes Lindsey several years to release a record. However, when he's ready to release and feels he's finished his work, no one can make that decision besides him and he knows best, since it's his creation.

I learned a lot from him regardless of his perfectionism. As a solo artist myself now, I've adapted my experience with Lindsey to my work. There's definately nothing like working over and over until you get it right that satisfies you and your work. It's most important to put your best foot forward and present the ut-most-best work possible. Challegning yourself as an artist is very important, and I've learned that from Lindsey. He definatly seems to challenge himself and experiment at the same time, which is another important aspect to growth as an artist.

Hope this answer's your question and shed's some light on Lindsey's work.

Janet Robin

Does Lindsey ever help you with your solo work? Do you keep in contact with him?
Dear Karen:
Thanks for your questions. Lindsey has made comments & offered some ideas with my music, but for the most part he stays pretty focused on his own material. I know he's extremely supportive of my solo-work and I'm sure he knows he's a big influence. He's come to a live show of mine in the past, though it's been a while since.

We've discussed writing together and he's shown interest in some of my songs, but we haven't really sat down together and worked on stuff quite yet. Perhaps in the future! He's extremely focused on his own material and it would have to be the right time.

I try to stay in contact with him, however, he's been very busy in the studio the past several years, and I've been in and out of town on the road the last few years myself. I did recently visit him August of '99 in the studio, and we caught up a bit then. Heard a few tracks that he was working on, and of course they sound awesome!

Hope this answers your questions..
Janet Robin

Are Lindseys eyes the incredible blue color that I think they are?
Yes, Lindsey has incredible blue eyes! He's a very attractive man!

Do you have any advice for someone who is just learning to play the guitar? Are there any tricks of the trade that make learning easier? I have been playing for about 9 months now. I absolutely love the sound of my guitar and even though I have trouble playing entire songs I find that just playing around combining the different chords I have learned is enough to make me simply amazed at how beautiful this instrument sounds.The thing is, I am finding that in order to make this beautiful sound happen I have to be completely relaxed and I have to put alot of feeling into my playing. Sometimes this is hard to do. Do you have any tips for relaxation techniques?
Thanks for your guitar question. As a fellow guitarist, I hope I can help. That's great you really enjoy playing the guitar! That's the most important thing. You never want to approach playing the instrument in a negative fashion, because then that's what will come out in your playing and you'll start to not enjoy it anymore, which would be horrible.

When you feel the "notion" to play, my suggestion to relax is to turn off your phones, answering maching, computer's, tv, whatever you got going on in the house. Find a comfortable & quiet place to sit and pick up your guitar and just play whatever comes out naturally. Give it some time too. Sometimes it takes a while to get in the "mode" of playing music.

I find that late afternoons and evenings are a great time for me to play and do some writing. But everyone is different. See what works for you, and experiment with different times of the day. It's best to set-up a nice relaxing enviroment wherever you're located with your instrument.

Best of luck, and keep playing!
Janet Robin

A lot of the songs that were performed in the Out of The Cradle tour were altered or had things added to them. Were those changes made by Lindsey alone or did the rest of the touring band make suggestions?
Thanks for your question. Most of the changes and/or additions made to songs on the OOTC tour were from Lindsey. Occassionally, the band would make some suggestions for certain parts and for certain endings. Also, sometimes it was a combination of both Lindsey's suggestions and the bands.

For intance, if I remember correctly, the band and Lindsey came up with a live ending for "Go your own Way." Also, I think on "This the Time" we collectively suggested doing little guitar solos at the end...But, mostly, Lindsey did make many of the changes and alterations for the band arrangements on his songs and Fleetwood Mac tunes.

Hope this answer's your question....
Janet Robin

Hi Janet, Thanks for being here to answer these Questions! If you had the opportunity to tour with Lindsey Buckingham again would you do it? Even if it meant putting your solo career temporarily on hold?
Thanks for your question...

Actually, that's one I've asked myself before.....I think timing would help make the decision. If I'm asked -I'm always up for working with Lindsey. Of course, I've been working extremely hard on my own solo stuff, so I don't think I could totally give that up at this point. If there was a way to still keep my solo work happening, then I would try my damndest to do both!

A lot would depend on what kind of work it would be with Lindsey. If it was touring on and off, I think that would work out fine -I could still release another CD and do some small tours of my own (when we're not working with LB), thus still keeping present in the indie world out there.

If I have a major record deal with another company and am no longer independent, then I might have other people, other schedules, and obligations to answer to, which could mean complete and total focus on my own solo work, depending on what how the label feels.... So..... a lot depends on what is exactly happening at the time.

Working with Lindsey has always been an inspiration to me, so I would really hope to try and do both situations somehow!

Thanks for your question.

Did you get the chance to use Lindsey's custom guitars? In your opinion, what are they comparable to, they seem to be a combination, electric/acoustic... very unique sound, along with his playing style. No pic, right? What guitars did/do you use back then/now?
Thanks for your guitar question:

I didn't have the chance to regularly use Lindey's Turner Guitar, but did pick it up once at a session of his. I'm quite sure of the technical design but it does have 2 different pick-ups in it so that he can dial up several different sounds by combining the two or using them seperate. I wouldn't call it an electric/acoustic, though it does have a very cool clean sound. However it can get dirty as hell and really cut through on solo's. He designed it along with Rick Turner, a guitar maker here in California.

Lindsey doesn't use a pick, unless it's for a specific sound reason (to my knowledge).

On the road with him back on the OOTC tour I switched off between an Alvarez Electric/Acoustic guitar and Lindsey's 60's Strat. He was looking for specific sounding guitars in several songs, so sometimes he'd have me play one of his. I also used a mandolin in "Save Me A Place." Additional guitars also included another electric/acoustic, Washburn.

I now primarily use my Taylor Acoustic, and Les Paul 1978 Custom, sometimes my Alvarez and also my Tele 1962 Reissue.

Hope this answers your questions!

Janet Robin

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Was Janet best as a solo artist, or when she was with Lindsey??
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