Last of the Romantics

(PA, Bonus Content)
t h e   L A S T   O F   T H E   R O M A N T I C S   ( g r e a t e s t   h i t s )   a l b u m
Release Date: June 21, 2005
Tracks: 30 (domestic) 32 (import)
In Production (Not Yet Released)

"The Last of the Romanitcs" is Twilight's Moon's definitive album. It's Brian Larsen's tenth album in ten years and it marks the band's tenth anniversary. Not only does the album have songs from every previously released album, but it boasts a 24-bit digitally remastered soundscape and more than 10 new songs. This is the album to own for casual listeners and hardcore fans alike. Buy this album now through the button below and your CD will be shipped before the release date, and at $2.00 off the street price. You can also order the CD through,, etc.