I Have My Doubts

Words by Brian Larsen, Music by Brian Larsen and Lindsey Buckingham

And now you tell me
That could never show
That when you leave that
You never really go

You can stay forever
But it won't work out
You can say you're leavin'
But I have my doubts

You could have gone
But you couldn't have shown
That you didn't know
What you knew I've known

When you can tell me
What it is you know
Then maybe, baby
I'll let you go

But since I can't 
And you know we won't
Then you can't tell me
What it is that you don't


You couldn't have gone
But you'd say "you know"
And all the time you spent
Was worth the show
It could work forever
And it won't go wrong
You can say it, yeah
That you hate this song
It's all true
And it's worked out fine
After all the time
In a working line


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