Sunday Funday

Words and Music by Brian Larsen

Wake up in the mornin' 
Gotta get ready to go
But on my weekend
I'm not learnin'
And I must tell you, you know

I never have to work
And now I'm never gettin' paid
But it doesn't matter, not to me
I live my life a different way

Sunday funday
Have my fun
Sunday funday
Always run
Sunday funday
Screw all my work
Monday stunday
Here's where I hurt

My fun is not discernin'
And I'm just layin' back
On sunday I'm not learnin' 
And I let my work just stack

Why is sunday so hard?
If there is nothin' I gotta do
Maybe I don't get my one true love
Just to get some time away from you

On sunday what I'll do
Is I'll spend some time with you


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