It's You!

Words and Music by Brian Larsen

Goin' so strong
You know I didn't wanna fall down
You can't go nowhere
I get so tired of keepin' you around
There's nothing to do but stare
You could say I wouldn't be bothered
Let play interfere with work

But I forgot my problem
That you're outta luck
And how will you survive?
In hell is where you're stuck
Your life all alone
And I wouldn't care
The feeling is never that strong
When there's nothing in the air

You can't stop the way I feel
The only thing in your life that's real
There is nothing that I can do
I don't wanna wanna wanna help you
And I know
And I know, ohh

And I know
One of us is wrong
And it's you!
Oh, you
What you 
Put me through
You, and it's you!
It's you
It's you!

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