Trevor Hunter at Protocol Records

Trevor Hunter is the main employee of Protocol Records. He has worked with Protocol since its founding in 1996.

He was an original member of Twilights Moon, although he did not work out as a musician. Quickly, he found his niche' working on the tecnical aspects of music. He was hired as the manager of Protocol Records, and Twilights Moon's promoter and later Engineer. Beginning with Slope, Trevor has helped in establishing Protocol Records as prominent leader on the independent music scene. He and Brian are close friends, and they regularly work to usher the creative process of Twilights Moon.

Currrently, Hunter is in the studio with Larsen assistant producing the upcoming Greatest Hits album, expected out in the Summer. He frequently spends hours promoting and releasing Twilights Moon materials. Trevor is responsible for handling the majority of the website content and graphics, and is the webmaster. He can be reached at or