Brian Larsen, the backbone and force of the wildly successful and intensely prolific band, Twilight's Moon, has been an enigmatic force in independent music for more than a decade.

Brian was born in the small city of Laurel, Maryland. From his infancy, he played guitar and piano religiously, performing mini "shows" in his living room for family and friends at the age of two. By the age of five, he began taking classical piano lessons. Shortly thereafter, Larsen began performing commercial classical concerts to excited audiences.
Using the technique he gained from piano lessons, Brian took up the guitar professionally, teaching himself how to fingerpick in a folk-style at extremely fast speeds. From there, Larsen's natural progression was to begin writing songs. By the age of seven, Larsen was writing ballads about love lost and summer sunsets.
Over the next several years, Larsen continued to perform classical concerts and amassed a large collection of original music. By 1997, Brian had recorded "Tarot," his debut album of original music, which was released as Brian's only piece as an unsigned artist.
Larsen took a year to record his eponymous debut album for a label, "Pi," which was released to critical acclaim in September of 1998. Within four weeks, he was back in the studio recording a classical album, simply titled "Classics." The record sold extremely well, and developed an entirely different fanbase for Brian. Upon his return home, Larsen began writing additional material, and by New Years' Day, 2000, he was in the studio working on his third album, the energetic "Slope," released August 3, 2000. The entire first run of the album sold out in four days, causing such a demand that, for the first time ever, Larsen received national distribution for the album in Best Buy, Borders, and at online retailers like and CDNow.
Refusing to slow down, Larsen toured briefly in support of the disc and went right back into the studio, writing and recording his fourth album, "ClockWork," in nine weeks. When the album was released January 23, 2001, Brian was hailed as a true musical genius. "He creates a style that is completely his own while being invitingly familiar," All-Music Guide reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote of the album.
Still on an energy kick, Brian immediately began demoing new songs. By April, he had compiled a demo tape of 20 songs which he began recording in the spring of 2001. Larsen entered the studio once more in the summer of 2001, and finalized his fifth album, "Emergency Exit," which was released November 27, 2001 to acclaim from critics and fans alike. "This is Brian Larsen hitting his stride," AMG wrote.
Larsen vowed to take a year to recover from his efforts, but he managed to release the EP "Close to Me," on his birthday, April 9, 2002. Although he made several public appearances, Brian spent the bulk of the year out of the public eye, recording a trance album throughout much of the fall. He emerged in early 2003 ready to return full-time to music. In April, he released the dance/trance album "Electric," to immense critical acclaim. In June, Larsen received a gold record for the 7" single. The title track cracked Billboard's Hot 100 Dance Songs in the spring, and, once again, Larsen quickly went to work on a follow-up rock album. He also spent much of the spring of 2003 working with friend Nick Wheeler's band, The All-American Rejects. A failed business trip to Vancouver, British Columbia led to the dissolution of Larsen's contract with his manager, and, wasting no time, he quickly grouped with a new management company, RRMPA. By the fall of 2003, the buzz around Twilight's Moon's upcoming album had become overwhelming. Larsen released "Steal Your Heart Away," the album's first single in late fall. On December 23, "Broken Windows," the seventh album recorded under the Twilight's Moon name, was released and quickly became Larsen's best-selling album ever.
Brian spent much of January, 2004 working with The All-American Rejects. In February, the band presented Brian with an RIAA gold record, making Larsen one of the 100 youngest persons in the world ever to receive a gold record award from the Record Industry Association of America. Larsen began working on a new album, while simultaneously working with the Rejects' and promoting "Broken Windows."
Happier and healthier than ever, Brian released "Mind Candy,", an EP of five original instrumentals and the title track, on May 18, 2004. In September, 2004, Brian spent a week filming his scenes for the 2005 film "XXX2: State of the Union."
Breaking away from the Twilight's Moon name, Brian spent the rest of 2004 writing new material. In April of 2005, Larsen was awarded two RIAA sales awards on the same day: a platinum record for his work on the All-American Rejects LP and a gold record award for their DVD, "Too Bad for Hell." Combined with his others, the five total awards make Larsen one of the ten youngest artists in the U.S. ever to have earned five RIAA sales' awards. In addition, the tireless musician released "Electric [Remastered and Remixed], a 24-bit, stereo surround version of his RIAA Gold-Awarded 2002 album. Other than boasting archival sound quality, the disc features four bonus tracks, including the 2005 single "Thrive." Showing that he hadn't abandoned his roots, Larsen released "In The Fall" on March 28, 2005, the first single from his forthcoming June 14, 2005 Greatest Hits album "The Last of the Romantics." The album features remastered and re-recorded versions of selections from Larsen's ten studio albums and more than ten new songs. Determined yet comfortable in his own skin, the future looks brighter than ever for Brian Larsen, the prolific artist and who has spent his entire adolesence in the public eye.