Broken Windows

t h e   B R O K E N  W I N D O W S   a l b u m
Release Date: December 23, 2003
Tracks: 17
In Production

Broken Windows is the culmination of two years of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and, perhaps most importantly, searching for Brian Larsen. This album represents Larsen finding himself as a person and an artist and enjoying his life for the first time in years. The album has been a painful search, but the songs on this disc represent "total catharsis" for Brian. After ecclectic releases like "Electric" and "Close to Me", this album shows that Brian has the power to bring his intricate string of ideas and influences together to form a hard hitting, palatable, englightening, and extremely fuffiling look into the mind of a true artist.

Tracks (click on the highlighted track to play it)
I Tried
Steal Your Heart Away
Poprocks and Coke
I Know I'm Not Wrong
1,000 Other Things
Boys Don't Cry
I'm Not Your Psychiatrist
We Can Work it Out
It's All Gone
I'm Letting You Go 
Close to Me
Pink Moon
The Game
Bleed To Love Her
Tryptizol (Namah Parvarti)