Close to Me

t h e   C L O S E  T O  M E   e p
Release Date: April 9, 2002
Tracks: 5
In Production

The "Close to Me" EP is an intimate look at Brian Larsen at his most reclusive and least creative. During this period, Larsen was going through personal turmoil of many types, and the only "official" release that occured under the Protocol label from Larsen in 2002 was "Close to Me". Although the quality and performances are remarkable, the disc runs too short and leaves the listener lingering for more songs from Larsen. The EP is laden with organs and background moaning, and is entirely unique for what it is: a look into Twilight's Moon spinning out of control. Luckily, however, those times have passed. Still, this disc remains a universal fan favorite.

Close to Me
I'm Not Your Psychiatrist
Carried Along (aka Anyway)
Treachery Song (aka The Quiet One)
Boys Don't Cry (live)