March 11, 2005 Entry 100

Wow, 100 entries! I've decided to archive all of the old stuff.

d Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Lisa Loeb! I was very excited to spend time with Lisa so close to her b-day.
Last night, Lisa and I hung out and discussed the charity stuff that we're going to be doing, including the tsunami relief efforts. We got pictures together that we've autographed and I will be putting them up in a special online store. 100% of all of the proceeds of all charity efforts and items will go directly to the tsunami relief. Lisa is one of the many artists that I'll be working with on the relief efforts, and we may be performing stuff together this summer, including a new studio recording. Ah, loveable Lisa.
Brian and Lisa
(A pic of Lisa and I together on March 9, 2005).

Working hard on the new album, and working on other new stuff... I've been going back and forth to the ENT for problems that I've been having with Laryngitis. My throat has been killing me, and it's been hard to record... but that's probably the product of quitting smoking last month and cleaning up my life significantly. Overall, I feel GREAT! I'm so glad I have taken the steps to get healthy. Quitting smoking before I got sick, quitting drinking caffeine, etc. Already, I can breathe and sing (when I have a voice) a lot better than ever before.

Look for info about the new singles ASAP.

I love you!