Mind Candy

t h e   M I N D   C A N D Y   e p
Release Date: June 29, 2004
Tracks: 7
In Production

"Mind Candy" is perhaps one of the most inviting and interesting EP singles ever to be released by Brian Larsen. The disc is full of songs, both with vocals and without, that push the Adult Contemporary/Pop-Rock genre on its ears. Rich with instrumentation from a collection Larsen owns of nearly two dozen guitars, as well as keyboards, hand-claps, bongos, ukulele, piano, and countless other percussive instruments, the disc is alive with energy and vibrance. In addition, the disc finds Larsen writing his first track titled after a person's name, his girlfriend, "Kelly." The foot-stomper title track was written and performed as the title to a literary magazine and became an overnight hit for its lyrics alone. Available now at a special limited-time price of only 4.49, purchase the hit EP "Mind Candy" today!

Mind Candy (click on the play button)
Kelly (click on the track to sample it)
Falling in Love
The Quiet One
In These Dark Woods