t h e   S L O P E   a l b u m
Release Date: August 3, 2000
Tracks: 12
In Production

Larsen's third album, "The Slope," was considered by many to be his first mainstream release. Bearing the strong influences of classical and rock interpretations, Slope sold thousands of copies in its first month of release. To this day, it is one of Twilight's Moon's best selling albums, and to many it remains a favorite Twilight's Moon pick and a highlight of the classic days of the band that is certainly not to be missed.

At Risk              2:21 
None Between          :58 
Change of Order      2:58   
Chance               1:04 
Bleed to Love Her    3:13 
Devils Courtyard     2:06 
Zoo II               2:00 
Only to Try Again    1:18 
Cool, Clear Water    1:54 
Picture (In My Mind) 2:32 
Infernal Melody III  1:40 
Death Trap            :22