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What inspires you to draw all these pictures with Stevie as your main "character"??

I have always been drawing, and when I became a fan of Stevie, I was 16 at the time, I did some portraits of her for friends who were also fans, and later I started to do some work for Stevie fanzines in Britain and the US (like Book of Miracles and Rumours), then our own fanzine Affairs of the Heart and during that time Ed Wincentsen contacted me for some illustrations... Well, it was a progress that went from one thing to another, and that is why I never stopped portraying Stevie! At this point I am asked to portray Stevie with fans mainly.... But drawing Stevie is not taking up my whole life :-) I also create other portraits and fantasy work and teach art classes and workshops. Thank you for liking my work, Heather!!!

Johanna you draw beautifull pictures of stevie and I Love how you get the beauty of her in your pictures. So what is your favorite Stevie song?
Hello Patrick, thank you for your kind compliments in regards to my illustrations of Stevie... I think Stevie is indeed beautiful too, not only on the outside, but certainly on the inside and I think that is what I portray primarily. Stevie has been and still is a great inspiration. I was sitting in the car last night and just put on "The Dance". Silver Springs came on and I was taken away.... That happens to me a lot with Stevie's music, she keeps on surprising me even after I have heard a song so many times in that it sounds new to me time after time, it opens up feelings and thoughts time after time, it helps me deal with life and its struggles.... I don't have one favorite song of Stevie's, I have loads.... The most meaningful to me are her compositions for "Tusk", "Bella Donna" and " The Wild Heart". I love "Sara" and "Nightbird", I love to be taken away on its waves...... to rock a little.... even when it's calm.....

What are a few of your favorite Stevie songs? (solo, and Fleetwood Mac)
A few of my favorite songs composed by Stevie..... All her work from "Tusk", and solo it has to be the songs from "Bella Donna" and "The Wild Heart"... I love Sara, Nightbird, Wild Heart, Sisters of the Moon....... I guess you could say I am attracted to Stevie's more dramatic songs, because they are the ones that I play and time and time again and am surprised by how new they all sound to me, even though I have heard these songs so often. There is so much magic in Stevie's songs that listening to them is also discovering them again and again.

Have you ever met Stevie, or anyone related to her? (Lindsey, Mick, famliy ect.)
It is always surprising to me how many people think I know Stevie personally.... I have only met Stevie once, after a Fleetwood Mac concert in Germany, where it was announced at the time that Stevie and Christine were quitting FM. So afterwards I wasn't feeling too good, and when Stevie shook my hand I didn't know what to say really. I just told her I loved her, which seems odd for a European to do to, because we are always so much more reserved with our feelings. But I really do love Stevie for what she has given me..... In later years, I have come to be a friend to Ginny Kamano, though I have never met her personally, over the e-mail. She asked me to send a portfolio of work so that she could take it to Stevie. And that is what she did.... They spent an afternoon going through my work at Stevie's house. Apparantly Stevie loves my work, so that is wonderful!! I hope to one day have a chat with Stevie, just about art and what inspires her and me.... I think that would be cool :-)

Will fleetwood mac or stevie nicks be touring england in near future?
I have no direct contact with anyone around Stevie or Fleetwood Mac, except the people that can be contacted via the web, like Ginny Kamano and John Kinney. So I cannot give you an answer to your question. I can only hope that Stevie WILL tour Europe after the release of her new album!!!! It has been a long time, and high time that Stevie gave us European fans a bit of attention too :-)

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