To place an order, indicate the item, item number, size, paper weight, color and quantity.


Print #8, 11.7x8.2, heavy grade paper, white, quantity = 2

Bookmark #3, blue paper, black ribbon/silver bead, quantity = 3

Stationary image D, standard weight, grey paper, quantity = 1 box (20 sheets)

Postcards, Image #7, blue paper, quantity = 10

Payment Method International Money Orders or cash (in Registered mail). If less that $50, please send cash only (see below).

Sorry, No checks or credit cards accepted at this time.

Send the total price of the items ordered, plus shipping (see shipping charges below) to:

Johanna Pieterman Artist/Illustrator Kwadeveldenstraat 86 2170 Merksem Belgium Europe

If you have any questions or wish to discuss special ordering instructions, please send e-mail to Johanna Pieterman at:

Note: Any design can be specified in any format as all were originally drawn to the same, very high resolution, but, obviously only very tall designs will work for bookmarks. Please allow approximately one week for delivery.

Shipping Orders below $50 (standard air mail) - $10 shipping Federal Express and similar (includes insurance) costs more. Please email me for exact prices. Orders $50 and above receive free standard shipping For air mail delivery insurance, add an additional $5 Typically standard air mail works well, unless you need your order very fast.

All orders over $100 are supplied with a free item of your choice!

Please do not send money orders for less than $50. The cost to redeem them here is very expensive. You can just send cash if below $50. I have never had a customer lose their cash in the mail yet.