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Twilight's Moon: Pi


-Infernal Melody II (Larsen/Sanger) [Brian Larsen: piano, keyboard]

-Heart & Soul II (Larsen) [Brian Larsen: piano, keyboard, keyboard drum]

-Zoo (Larsen) [Brian Larsen: piano, acoustic, electric, Drums, auxiliary]

-Black Note (Larsen) [Brian Larsen: piano, keyboard, electric, acoustic, drums]

-Amish Paradise (Yankovic/Coolio) [Brian Larsen: vocals, backing piano]

-Klavier Concerto no. 3 (Bach, Jc) [Brian Larsen: piano, dub]

-Menuet in Cm (Bach, Js) [Brian Larsen: piano]

-Nearer, my God, to thee (Adams) [Brian Larsen: piano, organ, keyboard]

-Walk a Thin Line (Buckingham (Larsen)) [Brian Larsen: vocals, backing drums, acoustic]

-Save me a Place (Buckingham (Larsen)) [Brian Larsen: vocals, backing guitar]

-Picture [in my mind] (Larsen) [Brian Larsen: vocals, piano, keyboard, drums, auxiliary]


For the opportunity to do this album, I would like to thank many, many people. First of all, Mrs. Dengler, for teaching me the piano, and the importance and impact it would have on my life. Also, Stevie Nicks, for her help in the creation and writings of this album. Janet Robin, Led Zeppelin, Daniel de los Reyes, Kat, Fleetwood Mac, and many other helpers are also credited.

This album is dedicated to two of my dearest friends, Darlene & The Fat Man. I also dedicate this album to Stevie Nicks.

In loving, everlasting memory of Madeline Kahn. We miss you, Madeline!

1999-2000 Big Love, & Protocol, inc. All songs hold a specific copyright.

Fleetwood Mac is credited with holding the copyrights to the songs "Save me a Place," and "Walk a Thin Line." "Amish Paradise" is uncopyrighted, as is "Menuet in Cm," and "Klavier Concerto no. 3."


A short bio: Brian Larsen is a 13 year old musician who has spent the better part of 3 years writing and recording. He aspires to be a musician as an adult, and is very proud of his accomplishments so far. He enjoys talking with many people associated with the music business, and is in the process of working with many record labels. Brian credits Fleetwood Mac for inspiring him, and is now deeply in touch, and is friends with the members. He has created a large Fleetwood Mac site, with visitors topping 30,000. He is currently writing and recording songs for his second album. The second album should be released in early 2001. (WHICH WAS COINCIDENTALLY CHANGED TO FEBRUARY, 2000)


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