A picture (albeit an old one) of my piano.

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POST   1945!

The 1940s and beyond saw the rise of electronic instruments, especially those of the piano, in their truest form. Modern times have seen the founding of the Casio, Yamaha, Fostex, Tascam, Takamine, Teac, SE, Shure, Audio-Technica, Alesis, Musys, Akai, and Simmons companies, all of whom have put out a complete line of Electronic keyboard at some time and in some way, shape, or form.

Particularly fascinating of this period, however, were the keyboards manufactured by the Casio company. They were the first electronic synthesized keyboards of their kind. In many respects, they replaced pianos alltogether in their consumers' homes, and their likeness to almost any desired instrument made these Casio synthesizers more respected than ever in the world of music. Although the sound and appearance of a classic grand piano could never be replaced, the portability and practicability of keyboards, which were first seen in 1948 and were manufactured initially by the HMS (Hank May Systems) alone, were in a league of their own due to their immense versatility. Please view the enclosed pages I have constructed for more information.