Akai Electronic Instruments (1984)


The Akai S612 sampler (1985)

The Akai S900 sampler (1986)

The Akai MPC60 Digital Sampler/Drum Machine
and MIDI Sequencer (1987)

The Akai S1000 sampler (1988)

The Akai S1100 sampler (1990)

The Akai CD3000 Digital Sampler (1993)

The Akai MPC3000 Digital MIDI Sequencer/Synth/Sampler (1994)


images: (c)1996-98 Akai Corporation

Akai Electronic Musical Instruments

Akai Electronic Musical Instruments, a division of the Japanese audio and video consumer electronics company Akai Electric Company, Ltd, entered the electronic musical instrument world in 1984 with the first in a series of affordable samplers the S612, an 8bit digital sampler module. The s612 was superceded in 1986 by the 16 bit range of professional s900-s3000 available as rackmounted modules or as keyboard versions. The current model the S3000 includes a built in CD ROM drive, hard-disk audio recording, Q-list programming, a SMPTE reader/generator, expanded sample editing and Assignable Program Modulation (ASM) for adding analog synth style processing to sampled sounds and digital outputs.

Akai also produced several Digital MIDI Sequencers/ Synthesisers such as the MPC range (MIDI Production Center) an integrated sampler/drum machine/MIDI sequencer and the MPC3000 a 32-voice polyphonyic, 16-bit sequencer/synthesiser.

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