(DONE)1. To do all NEW Stevie Nicks + Lindsey Buckingham pages (in the process of)

(2000)2. To start trivia with prizes (funding?)

(DONE)3. To make a Christine McVie page

(2000)4. To make a Mick Fleetwood Page

(2000)5. To make a John McVie page

(2000?)6. To do an exclusive page with Sharon Celani (in the process of)

(DONE)7. To Continue working with Johanna Pieterman

(?)8. Possibly to do an exclusive page with The Fleetwood Mac Legacy (probably a chat)

(2000)9. To get my own domain name (please email me with funding ideas!)

(DONE)10. To maintain Big Love!!!

PLANS   FOR   2000

1. To maintain my Q&A sites, and then to add Q&A sites with: Janet Robin, Bob Welch, Walter Egan?, and Rick Vito.

2. To do a Mick Fleetwood page.

3. To do a John McVie page.

4. A domain name. (www.fmbiglove.com)

5. To start online trades, or auctions.

6. To make full interview pages, and do interviews with: Edward Wincentsen, Johanna Pieterman, Janet Robin, andother Rick Vito, another Stevie Nicks, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Welch, another Walter Egan, and another Peter Green.

7. To offer copies of my first album online.