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I got lucky with my seats because someone was selling 9th row tickets online. With those in my hands, my friend and I walked down to our REALLY close seats. I was dressed in this black dress, with a ragged hemline. It sort of looked like the Rumours dress. Anyway, as soon as Stevie came out on to the stage, the whole audience jumped up. I NEVER sat after that. I could make this really long, but I'll just say this...Stand Back was AWESOME! She did this kick during it which reminded me of the old Stevie (ie...1983). Of course, all the other songs she did rocked the house...but the best part was this... during Landslide people started going down to the stage. My friend and I busted down front. We were RIGHT at the stage, I was hanging on to it...and Stevie was so close to us when she'd leave for clothing changes. Anyway, Edge of Seventeen started and I had my bouquet of flowers ready. She kept getting closer and closer to me...and then...she took my flowers and grabbed onto both my hands! She looked right at me...everything melted away and it was just us. I kept saying "I love you I love you" and then she had to continue on...and as she was touching the other fans, I had to reach out and touch her leg and dress. It was so amazing. Stevie is so incredibly gorgeous and I wish I could go to EVERY concert of hers. Erin

Here's my review of the Stevie Nicks concert. Of course she was wonderful and I will never forget this night! I loved her outfits, especially the shawls she would wear to match her songs. I loved her performances of the three Fleetwood Mac songs she sang: Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Landslide. Landslide brought me to tears because I love this song so much and I've listened to it so many times off of Rumours and the fact of hearing it live.....just hard to explain! Gold Dust Woman was fantastic! and I was enjoying it so much that I found myself singing along with the song! I must have been with the cool crowd because the side I was sitting on was always dancing and singing along with the songs and I know Stevie noticed that! She would wave to our side and we just went BONKERS! screaming and jumping up and down! The best part was when she was singing Edge of Seventeen, everybody (everybody on my side shall I say!) was up on their feet, including myself, singing along and dancing to the song! What a feeling to that song! I like her stage decoration, with the curtains and fan in the background. As I said to my mom about that, I said that it was very Stevie Nicks like! Although I wasn't very close to the stage, I did enjoy the concert and there was one point where I wanted to run down to the stage and jump up there and hug her because of the song she was singing seemed so heart wrenching! (can't remember the song, sorry!) After the Glitter Fades......brought me to beautiful! After the mom and I rushed to get a peek of her leaving the arena, but there was some monster security guard that wouldn't let us just hang out at the one spot we were at. But while we were there before he came around, we saw some guy carrying a little cute Yorkshire Terrier out of the bus and go into the backstage area. We figured it might be Stevie's dog.......soooooooooo cute! BUT OTHER THAN THAT, IT'S ONE NIGHT I WILL NEVER FORGET! Katie

Saw the show last night with my daughter. Stevie was awesome. I just love Stevie's voice. Stand Back was so gooooood! The memories were so good! I really don't think I can put it in words. It was just so wonderful to finally see this person that I've been listening to and buying cd's IN PERSON like for real. It was just AWESOME,AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Bamyer, mother of Angellieb

An Enchanted Evening With Stevie Nicks, By Marty age 12. My dad took me and my sister to Tinley Park, Illinois to see the Stevie Nicks concert at the World Music Theatre. The show started around 8 p.m. and Boz Scaggs opened the Show. He sang a few songs and he sounded good! But then the lights dimmed. Chris Nicks came out with the Band and he read the definition of Enchanted out of this pretty dictionary. And then the intense moment. "Ladies and Gentelmen, Please Welcome Miss Stevie Nicks! Yeah! Whoo! I screamed and Jumped as Outside the Rain started. When Stevie came out, she was beautiful. She had on a black glittery dress. This song led right into Dreams and those to songs rocked! After that song, she talked to us a bit and she started the song "Enchanted." It sounded great. I love the part in the middle with just drums where she sings "You were gone you were gone from me and I remember someone I remember their dreams." After Enchanted she sang Gold Dust Woman with the Gold Cape On!!! After she sang Gold Dust, she sang Gold and Braid, my favorite song. I think it was after "Stop Draggin My Heart Around", she began the acoustic set. It had 4 songs, After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, Rose Garden, and Sleeping Angel. I know she sang Whole Lotta Trouble and Stand Back.She sang Rhiannon after Stand Back. Before Rose Garden, she told us about how she bought this really pretty dress she was going to wear for the Buckingham Nicks album cover, but the photographer shot them naked instead! She was so upset. When she sang Edge of Seventeen, the first 3 or 4 rows got to go up and give her gifts and shake hands with her. I was in 14th row. After Edge of 17, she walked off stage and then came out soon after to do the encores. She did "I Need to Know" and "Has Anyone Ever..." NO PICTURES CAN BE TAKEN! A guy in our row took a snap shot and they kicked him out! There are Best Buy reps there handing out flyers to get a two cd Stevie collectors set for free w/ shipping. There are a bunch of shirts for $27, keychains for $5, 1 sweatshirt for $50, hat for $20-25, and there are buttons for $2. The show was great, but don't worry, if you cant go now, Stevie will tour again! Thanks-Marty...............