Rick Vito Official Page:

Bc: Hello, Rick!

Rick: Hi!

Bc: Ok, lets get on with the interview...

Bc: When you joined Fleetwood Mac, was there any tension to preform to a certain standard with Billy Burnette, and, did you get along well?

Rick: When Billy and I joined there was no pressure to perform any particular songs--in fact the original members gave us the opportunity to pick any songs we wanted to try out. The only Buckingham song they were interested in doing was "Go Your Own Way", which Billy did sing. Speaking of Billy, he is a good friend and we have always appreciated each other's abilities and have gotten along fine.

Bc: As we all know, Behind the Mask was a great album. About how many copies did it sell?

Rick: "Behind The Mask" has probably sold a million copies by now--fewer than most Mac albums but very good by most standards.

Bc: Whats your interpretation of your song "Leap Frog Boogie"?

Rick: "Leap Frog Boogie" was just an excuse to record the frogs that sing around a pond on my property during the summer months. It's a slide guitar blues with a "jumping" feel to it--a little bit of fun.

Bc: Without it getting personal or offensive to you, did you quit Fleetwood Mac, or were you fired? The current word is that you left, but it needs to be settled...

Rick: As far as my leaving the group, I've said before and will say again, it's personal and I don't wish to talk about it in interview. When I write my book someday you'll get all the gory details, but not until then.

Bc: Rick, I thank you very much for doing this interview. Maybe we can do another sometime...

Rick: Thanks! --Rick