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Rick Vito was born in 1959. His big musical influences as a child were "Elvis and American Bandstand". He got a lot of inspiration from these two sources, and became more and more intrested in music. Rick saw Fleetwood Mac live in the late 60's, and played with John Mayall in 1975. In 1989, after Lindsey Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac, he and Billy Burnette replaced Lindsey. Rick's slaying guitar was an easy fill for both the classic Peter Green Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey's styles, and he was even able to imput his own. Rick was on the Greatest Hits Album in 1988, and then the Behind The Mask album in 1990. In 1992, Rick left the band to sign with Modern records. It was then he released his famous album "King Of Hearts". In 1998, Rick released "Pink & Black", and in 2000, he released two discs on the hypertension label. Over the years, Rick has played lead with such artists as Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and even Stevie Nicks. His work with the newly founded Twilight's Moon Charity (dating back to its early days, circa late 1999) has established Rick as a phenomenal philanthropist as well as musician.