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Daniel de los Reyes in Las Vegas

Daniel de los Reyes

Live in concert

"Inside Job"; Tour 

Solo Video


Daniel de los Reyes recently completed one of the most successful concert tours of 2000-01 -- "Inside Job," playing to sold out crowds all across America. For an excerpt of his timbale solo in Las Vegas with "Inside Job"; click on the above blue link.

Daniel, Walfredo Sr. and Walfredo Jr.

Carl's Jr
De los Reyes

Carl's Jr. Video


Internationally known Latin drummers / percussionists, Walfredo de los Reyes Sr. and his sons, Daniel and Walfredo Jr., sing and jam onstage playing a tune written by Walfredo Jr. on congas, drums, and timbales and eat cheeseburgers in the latest promotional commercial for Carl's Jr. restaurant. The "Carl's Jr. (De los Reyes)"; commercial began airing in February and can be seen in Phoenix, Arizona, and the following California cities: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Salina/Monterey, Palm Springs, Sacramento/Stockton, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Click on above blue link to view the commercial in its entirety.