Sampler Infomation

The Protocol Records Sampler Program, an established way of promoting both Independent and Professional Musicians has now made itself publicly availiable online. The entire purpose of this system is to expose the often undiscovered talent of promising individuals who dont have a record contract. It works quite simply, and very efficiently. In essence, your song is taken and placed on a disc called a sampler, along with up to 18 other songs. After it is pressed, 1000 copies of the sampler are mailed out to record labels, radio stations and promotion agencies. This is where Protocol differs from the vast majority of other sampler creators. We actually distribute to reputable names, and get you airplay.
When the 1000 cds are made, we will mail you 20 (at no cost) so you can personally keep them for yourself, distribute to friends, or burn and redistribute yourself. The rest of the CDS are mailed out to radio stations, record labels and promoters, as well as sold online. These aren't just ordinary CD's either. They are FULL COLOR, shrink wrapped and full artwork included. They will also be available for purchase online, so everyone from virtually anywhere in the world can buy a copy of your song. Included on the CD will be your contact information, so if someone sees something they like, they'll be able to get in touch with you.

Cost is always an important issue. At the bottom of the page there is the cost chart. At Protocol Records, we believe that if you want to have a higher track listing, you will obviously pay more than if you want a lower track listing. For the lower tracks, it would cost you less than HALF the price of a stamp per CD. And, for all of the higher tracks, it STILL costs less than one stamp per CD. When put in proportion such as that, it brings out the true value in this opportunity.

Protocol Records gets many submissions for these samplers. Songs are entered on a first-come, first serve basis, and the tracks for the CD are filled in a similar manner. Inorder to qualify, CD's must be in the Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Country, Jazz, Classical, Alternative, Punk genres (No Death Rock or obviously profane material). All songs are subject to review, and as long as they seem viable, they will be added.If you are looking for exposure, this is the BEST way to do it!! Cost Table is as follows:
Track Cost
1 - 305.00
3 - 295.00
4 - 285.00
5 - 275.00
6 - 265.00
7 - 255.00
8 - 245.00
9 - 235.00
10 - 225.00
11 - 215.00
12 - 205.00
13 - 195.00
14 - 185.00
15 - 175.00

You must inquire as to the availability of each track. Lower tracks and Upper tracks fill up the fastest. Email for availability.