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Edward Wincentsen is the author of "Denny Remembered, Dennis Wilson In Words and Pictures," "Images of Jim Morrison," "Stevie Nicks, Rock's Mystical Lady," "Lady of the Stars, Stevie Nicks," and "Fleetwood Mac, Through the Years." Ed spent time as a concert photograper in Tulsa, Oklahoma for Little Wing Productions. He also is the founding Editor/ Publisher of "The Eric Burdon Connection Newsletter." Ed enjoys reading, doing research, being an archivist and putting books together.

Did you ever get a comment from Stevie about your books?

answer: No, other than a letter from her attorneys wanting to block me from publication of 'Rock's Mystical Lady.' I did get a book order from Stevie's mom's store for one copy which I assumed was for Stevie's mom. I did hear some comments through the grapevine, but you have to realize that with management, attorneys, etc. it's just a cold, business like decision if they even present such a book project to Stevie herself. Her management told me, "Why should Stevie help you with your book if she is going to do one herself?" I'm not offended. It's just the way the big wheel of rock and roll business works sometimes.

What did you find most interesting about Stevie, and Lindsey's relationship?

You must remember Stevie and Lindsey grew up together and made it through Fritz, their duo period and to superstardom in Fleetwood Mac. That's a bond that can never be changed. The pressures and strains of Fleetwood Mac caused them to part, but, and this is what I find most interesting about their relationship, during Fleetwood Mac is, I believe, when they developed a 'love/hate' relationship. Now with 'The Dance' tour over they seem to be back in the 'love' part of their relationship again. Talk about Stevie's love of fairy tales....this could be a real life fairy tale ending.

Please tell me more about your new book...

The title is 'Fleetwood Mac, Through the Years' and I'm quite proud of it. It is more in-depth than the 2 Stevie books. I had access to an incredible archieve collection. I used interviews, articles, concert reviews, album reviews, news items, books, etc. etc. The book is large format, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 145 pages. We have some wonderful, unpublished photos in the book, many of them full-page size. It is a history of the band from 'day one' up to the present. I'm a reader myself and when I was doing the research I would find some incredible facts, stories, or whatever and I would think, 'This is something the fans would find interesting.' So now I will see what the fans will say. The book should be out Sept. 20, 1999 and available through wynnco.com and also all the other major outlets including online booksellers and stores.

"What you ask is confidential and not something I feel is appropriate to answer publicly" IF it concerns only yourself??? Unbelievable. You find it okay to trash a talented woman, but to answer a question about your pocket book is "confidential" and not "appropriate." Sorry Ed, but you have lost credibility BIG time.

Do you know what a 'loaded' question is? Well, your original question is just such a thing. It underlies other motives, rather than just the basic question. It is a derogatory question meant to insinuate that I am getting rich off of 'using' Stevie Nicks, which I tried to explain in my answer already is not the case. If you want to argue, GO argue someplace else. I'm not here to argue.

I've heard people say that authors write books about Fleetwood Mac, to just spread "rumours." How do you feel your books are different?

I try to be 'factual' in my books and not spread my own opinions. That is one thing I am proud about in my new Fleetwood Mac book, I mainly quote other writers, or from interviews with the band members.

Have you ever been to the NickFix, or the Penguin? If not, there are excellent webpages. (so is this one!)

Yes, the Penguin now has my new Fleetwood Mac book up (the cover) and I'm having discussions with John at The Nicks Fix.

What's your favorite book that you've written?

I think I am most proud of my latest book 'Fleetwood Mac, Through the Years.' But that may be because it is the latest book I put together and the newest.

What kind of music do you enjoy?

Well, of course, I enjoy Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I also like very much Lindsey's solo albums and Mick's Zoo material. Other artists I like include Neil Young, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, Donovan, Van Morrison and even new artists like Britney Spears.

What kind of research did you do for your books?

On the Stevie book I collected all the fanzines that I could and anything else I could get. Then I went to Los Angeles with a partner to do research with a person by the name of Jean Enloe. Sadly, Jean has passed away. But while I worked with Jean I was able to photocopy her huge collection of articles and archives. For the Fleetwood Mac book I use other books to quote from, and my publisher had a incredible archive of material all in file folders by year starting at the very beginning of the band up to the present. That was my primary source. I was then able to quote from music writers, interviewers, concert reviewers, etc.

What did you think of Stevie's brief relationship with Don Henley?? Also, you do books about several artist, have you ever considered doing a book about the Eagles? They were another great, and interesting band of the 1970's!

In my Fleetwood Mac book I think the reason the relationship broke up is explained. You would think they would have made a great couple, but you have to understand the circumstances. A book on the Eagles would be a great idea, but I have to convince my publisher. They were/are a great band!

You made a comment about Stevie and Lindsey now being in the "love" part of their relationship once again. Do you mean that they like each other as people once again, or that they are once again romantically involved??

I simply meant it as them not fighting like cats and dogs anymore, but being considerate of each other once again. To me, personally, that is something unique, and who knows what it could develop into?

How did you find out about Stevies abortions and why did you feel the need to share that information?

I'm glad you asked this because it needs to be addressed. Stevie did a interview for Vox Magazine in England in which she revealed the abortions. In the interview she expressed a lot of remorse. She must have been in a very vulnerable state to have reveiled such personal information about herself. I address it a little more indepth in my new Fleetwood Mac book. The reason I shared it in the book was because she revealed a side to her that goes beyond the image and any masks. It showed real hurt on her part, and suffering. Her conscience was wounded and she suffered. I wanted to show that Stevie Nicks is human as you, or I. She is human and can make mistakes and suffer for it as we do. But I also wanted to show that Stevie is a survivor too. Someone who has gone through very difficult problems and has made it. To me that's the real story.

Where would I get your books from?

All of my books are available through wynnco.com They are also available through borders.com, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com You can also have your favorite bookstore order them if they are not in stock.

Is Stevie as mystical as she seems??

I think if you read all the interviews and the interviewer's impression of Stevie that it's a real thing with her. I don't believe it's just something she's trying to promote as part of her image. She reads poetry of some of the masters, and this just goes hand-in-hand with it.

How much money did you make from your most successful book? (Frank)

First of all, none of my books have ever been published by a major publisher such as Time/Warner, St. Martin's Press, etc. That means I never received what is called an advance. I've always have had either a business partner (who put up the money for production), or a small publisher. In either case they would be the ones to receive 3/4's or more of the profits. Later, I sold the rights to my 2 Stevie Nicks books where I no longer get a royalty from them. What I sold them for was so small it's embarrassing. The books have continued to sell steady, but the publisher not owns all rights and income to them. I am working for a publisher now creating new books and I receive a salary and a very small royalty. Maybe this answers your question a little, maybe not. What you ask is confidental and not something that I feel is appropriate to answer publicly.

What inspired you to write the first stevie book and are there going to be more books about her after the newest one?
The reason I did the first book on Stevie Nicks is because I admired her as an artist. I admired her music as much as her subject material in her music. The first book I ever did was on Dennis Wilson (the late drummer of The Beach Boys) because I admired him and the music of The Beach Boys. The second book I did was on Jim Morrison, because I considered him a real poet. The Stevie book was my third book and for the same reasons as the other two. I have never been asked to do a book on someone just to sell a 'product.' I've been fortunate that I have been able to do books on artists that I admire. Will there be more books on Stevie? I didn't think there would be a second one. Just have to see what the future holds.

Have you ever actually talked to Lindsey or Stevie? If not, how do you find this information, and if you got it from an interview,article,book,etc..,why would you just repeat information?
No, I have never talked to Stevie or Lindsey. However, on the first Stevie Nicks book I worked with someone who was fairly close with Stevie and her mother. I learned a lot about Stevie from this person. I also had other people who I could have interviewed, but I passed on it because of various reasons. As for gathering material from books, magazines, articles, interviews I try to present as much as I can on a certain subject from these sources. So if Stevie, or Lindsey spoke on a certain subject I would try to give as much information as I could from a variety of sources, this way it's nor just my viewpoint, but of many other credible sources.

Who managed Fleetwood Mac?
The first lineup of Fleetwood Mac had Clifford Davis as their manager. He is famous in regards to the bogus Fleetwood Mac that he tried to promote as the original band. After that John McVie and Mick Fleetwood took over the booking and management duties forming Seedy Management. In 1987 Fleetwood Mac "fired" Mick as their manager. Now each of the members have their own personal managers.

Stevie has said that she was very much in love with Joe Walsh at one time and I was curious about their relationship. Was he as much in love with her as she was with him? How long did the relationship last? I know she said she walked out on him but did he ever try to get her back? One other thing I don't understand about this relationship is that she said she fell in love with him at first sight on the Wild Heart tour. Didn't she know him when she was going out with Don Henley. Joe was in the Eagles then and she hung out quite a bit with him and the band. I find that strange!!
Joe Walsh was another romance in Stevie's long line of boyfriends. There is other information I could share about that, but I really can't. Stevie did walk out on Joe Walsh and I'm sure that hurt his ego which probably was the reason he didn't try to continue on with Stevie. As far as the comments about her falling in love with Joe at first sight, in relation to Don Henley, I'd just have to say that your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes when Stevie tries to explain something, "to make it perfectly clear," it can be pretty confusing.

Would you ever do a book on Lindsey Buckingham? What is your opinion on Lindsey?
I do books on artists that I admire and who's music I enjoy, so that includes Lindsey Buckingham. However, a couple things determine if I can do a book on a certain artist. One is, do I have enough research material and do I have information that would be of interest to the fans and the general public? The second thing is that a publisher looks at a book from a business point-of-view, is it going to sell enough to justify his initial expense and hopefully make a profit. So if I get those two things squared away I will usually then start a book. My opinion of Lindsey is that he is a very talented and gifted artist.

Why did he only spell Bella Donna correctly once in his new book? I think the book sucks! All is has in it is reviews it seems. And most of the reviews slam S.N.I did not see any pictures that were new to me either. They all came from Marty A.'s page. His book is a rip-off and I am glad I did not buy it, after I had the store order it. I read it for over an hour at the store. I was very disappointed.
Ed DID NOT answer this question, as it was "Deranged" (as was the one that was sent about his answer being "unbelievable"). He would like you to know that you should'nt even send these. He is here to talk to fans, to answer questions. Not have to respond to critics. Its not worth his time, or mine. So, if you are thinking about sending a negative or deragatory question remember that Ed doesn't even read these until they get my approval. -Bc

Why did you write two books on Stevie? Which one is your favorite of the two? I loved your Dennis Wilson book,would you ever consider doing one on Carl Wilson? I love reading fact based books on musicians and I hope you can convince your publishers that Carl Wilson and Lindsey Buckingham are definitely worth writing about!!! My other thought is there are not enough current books out there on Fleetwood Mac,I'm glad you did one and I can't wait to get my copy!!!Thanks for answering my previous Lindsey book question and keep writing those great books.
The reason there ended up being two books on Stevie is because one supplier/ buyer who was getting my first Stevie book and doing good selling them commissioned me to do the 2nd book. I still knew of enough art, photos, etc. that I could use for a 2nd book so I decided to do it. Also, we wanted to bring the story of Stevie up to date (at that time). It's hard for me to pick which book I like the best. They each have their own distinctive characteristics for me. Others have asked me about doing a Carl Wilson book. It would depend, again, if I could convince my publisher of doing it and if I could get enough quality research material, photos, etc. I'm glad you like my work, that is always encouraging.

Do you like Lindsey Buckingham?
(Ed did not answer this question, it has already been answered before)

I'm sorry I haven't read your books, though I'd like to. Have you ever heard anything about a relationship between Stevie Nicks and Sharon Celani during the Wild Heart tour?
I'm not sure what type of relationship you mean. As far as friendship, I'd say yes, a strong friendship. Anything other than that is pure speculation.

I have been a FM fan for years and have always wondered why in the recording of rhiannon, she left out the verse of once in a million years... I have always pondered that, cause it is a cool verse.
I'm afraid I have no information on the verse, or why she left it out. Keep searching for the answer. (Editors note: The verse was left out because of vying for time on the album. As you may know, Rumours was VERY close to being a double album.)

Will the Mac be playing in near future?
Your guess is as good as mine. What happened to all the talk of a new album? You can be sure if Fleetwood Mac did a new album they would tour.

At one time stevie was a big supporter of Jane Goodall. is she still?
Yes, that is true, but I have not seen or read any reports of further activity between Jane Goodall and Stevie.

Can you help me find a copy of English Rose for my ol' dad. He has spoken of the tape many times. It would mean so much to him!!!
I would suggest looking in Goldmine Magazine, in the ads. It's available in collectible record stores, or big bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble, or Borders. There are also Fleetwood Mac dealers advertised quite often in Goldmine who could help you. You also might check on the InterNet under Fleetwood Mac for dealers. Lastly, you might want to put a classified ad in Goldmine yourself. Hope this helps.

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