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Stevie Nicks' forthcoming album, Trouble in Shangri La, will be released in mid-2000. The release date was postponed because of schedule conficts.

On May 26, Stevie will turn 52!

Stephanie Lynn Nicks was born to Barbara & Jess Nicks on May 26th, 1948. As a child, Stephanie was between 2nd & 3rd class. The family wasn't VERY poor, but moved around alot because of Jess' jobs. When Stephanie was a child, her mother read Fairy tales to Stephanie constantly. Also as a child, Stephanie had much trouble prounouncing her first name. Instead, she used "Stevie." Her Grandfather, Aaron Jess Nicks, taught Stevie how to sing. When Stevie turned 16, she got a Guitar. It was then when she started writing music. When Stevie was a senior at High School, she met Lindsey Buckingham. They formed the band, Fritz with two fellow-classmates. Fritz got a local following, but was not very successful. When Fritz broke up in 1971, Lindsey & Stevie stayed together. They tried to get a record deal on their own, and WERE successful. Lindsey & Stevie formed a romance during this period. This album, titled "Buckingham/Nicks," was a flop and the label, Polydor, dropped them. They continued writing, and, then on New Years Eve, 1974, Fleetwood Mac asked Lindsey to join. Lindsey agreed, but Stevie had to be a member, also. Fleetwood Mac aprooved. Now, this new band went into the studio to record Fleetwood Mac (the self-titled album.)The album was VERY successful & put Lindsey & Stevie on the map. Stevie started taking cocaine during this period. The next album, Rumours, would take 9 1/2 months to complete, but would turn out to be the 3rd best selling album of all time. During the making of Rumours, Lindsey & Stevie split up. Stevie secretly dated fellow band member Mick Fleetwood, but soon after the relationship started, it ended. The next album, Tusk, would not become nearly as powerful as Rumours was. The next album, Mirage, was fairly successful. Stevie launched her solo career that year. (1981)Her first solo album, Bella Donna, would become a great success. But soon after the Bella Donna tour started, it ended due to both the fact that Stevie's Friend, Robin, was dying of terminal lukemia, and the fact that Fleetwood Mac had to do a tour supporting Mirage. After Mirage, Fleetwood Mac took a long awaited break. During this break, Stevie released her solo albums Wild Heart and Rock A Little. In 1986, Fleetwood Mac started the album Tango In The Night. This was a large success, but when asked to do a tour supporting the album, Lindsey refused. He quit the band later that week. Then, in 1989, Stevie released the solo album The Other Side Of The Mirror. This album was not a major success. She was free of her cocaine addiction in 1989 but started taking pills for stress. These pills, Klonopin, would make Stevie lethargic, and overweight. In 1991, she released a sort-of greatest hits album. Timespace, was this album. After Timespace, Stevie went home with the Epstien Barr Virus. She recovered from this and started work on her next solo album, Street Angel. This was the least selling of her albums, although still a good one. Clearly overweight, Stevie decided to take it on the road anyway. On tour, people we very interested in her size rather than her songs. At times, she reached 160 Lbs. After this tour, she vowed never to go onstage again. She lost weight and rested for the next two years, and in 1997, was offered to rejoin Fleetwood Mac for the 20th anniversary of the Rumours album. She did. The Dance turned out to be a big album, selling around 4 million copies. In 1998, Stevie released Enchanted, her strongest album to date. A tour followed this album. Stevie is currently working on her eighth solo album. It will be released in mid-2000.