Every month, Protocol Records holds a raffle in which 1:3 Protocol Customers recieve a free Lindsey Buckingham signed 8x10 autograph. This raffle is completely random, and winners also get a free Larsen autograph. The only way to win is to buy!

Protocol Records Testimony

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Monthly Contest Winners

John D. Kishment 8/31/00

"I love the great music that Brian plays, in Slope especially. There's something about it that strikes a cord inside of me. I think that he [Brian] is very talented and I anxiously await the release of his next album."

Richard K. Kling 9/13/00

" In entering Brians Slope contest, I was able to win a personalized Lindsey Buckingham autograph. I think thats its totally neat that he knows Lindsey. This will go into my CD collection right next to all of my favs"

Larry N. Steinenthal 10/22/00

" All I can say is WOW! I am nothing short of amazed by Slope and Brians compliation with Lindsey. I know that I will be the first in line to buy the next album"

Ling Ling Wang-Yyoshi 11/31/00

" Brian music is good. In music I find release. I buy his album once or twice. I enjoy Brian music. "

Neil E. Lyle 12/2/00

" Brian reminds me of Lindsey sooo much. Whether its in his guitar or in his vocals, it feels like I am listening to some of the classic Mac tunes. I love it! What can I say? And the Lindsey auto, its priceless"

Klein P. Andrews Jr. 1/24/01

" ClockWork is outstanding! I loved Slope, and this put Slope to shame! I had this album rushed overnight to my door. Brian even signed the album for me! As well, I LOVED my personalized Lindsey auto. It means so much to me."

Lillie Josselsmith 2/5/01

" In listening to Brians music, I was able to pick up influences from Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, The Go-Go's, Bryon Moore and other artists. Being conservative by nature, I rarely like new music, but Brian has opened a new door to his "twisted brand of melodic pop", that I was previously unaware of. I love the signed photo too."

Dean I. Pellington

" Upon recieving my copy of ClockWork, I was immediately impressed by not onyl the autograph which I recieved, but the excellent music performed. I think Brian shoudl tour with the Mac, that would be a truly wonderful match!"