Thank    You's    &    Acknowledgments

For all of their help, I would like to give these people Special Thanks :

-Kat, for being so helpful, and for willing to work with me, even when she didnt know who I was

-Mrs. Dengler, for teaching me the piano

-Dar, for always being supportive, and listening to me when we both knew that she didnt have to (or did she?)

-Lindsey Buckingham, for being amazingly nice. What a great person you are.

-Stevie Nicks, for inspiring me, and for just being cool.

-Trevor, for helping to create Twilights Moon with me, on that fateful day in, well, whenever it was (we wont reveal that). forever.


The following people deserve Thanks:

-Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie, Christine McVie

-Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page

-All the promoters, such as

-The Record & Tape Exchange

-Modern, Warner Brothers, & Reprise Records

-The Moody Blues

-J.C. Bach



The following people, who are not listed above, have to be put somewhere because they are Cool:

-Regis Philbin! (The Master)

-Britney Spears

-Robert Hirschboeck

-Debra Mason

-The Rest of the cast of The 7th Guest. Thank you for making me the "8th" guest. I love you all!

-Madeline Kahn. We miss you, Madeline! May you be forever in peace. In loving, everlasting memory.

-Whoever else I forgot to mention (like Steve Buscaemi)