Ask Brian

Ask Brian

Due to the large volume of fan-mail we receive at Protocol Records, we have teamed with Brian to let you, the fan, send in your questions. A select number of questions will be answered by Brian every week and we will post those responses here.

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Question 1:
Desi Harris asks:
Brian, I have been a fan of yours for a few years now, and my favorite album of yours is "Emergency Exit." Tell me, how does your new album compare to "Emergency Exit?" Thank you!

Hello, Desi! "Emergency Exit" was far more of an album that was meant to be taken as a whole. The songs are good, but they don't stand alone as well (which is why we only released two singles). "Broken Windows," my new album, is both a cohesive album package and contains several single-worthy songs. The album is a lot more of an expressive piece for me, it speaks volumes about who I am as a person, and it's very unique from my other albums.