Twilights Moon: Biography: Part II

Part II: 1995-1998:

By late 1995, Brian was back on a regular piano schedule, learning to play more intricate songs, and beginning Classical music. It was in 1995 that he also gave his first concert. "In the beginning, they were all classical. That's all I would do". It was also in late 1995 that he formed Twilight's Moon. The original band name was "Twilight's Hammer," but the name didn't stick. The band was formed as a quartet, including Brian, Trevor Hunter, Alex Masonis, and percussionist Andrew Jones. However, Jones and Masonis lasted less than two months combined, due to their relative distance to Brian's songwriting style. By mid-1996, Trevor had grown tired of playing music, and opted to manage what would eventually become Protocol Records. He also signed on as Twilight's Moon's PR manager, and handled all personal relations for Brian. Also in 1996, the songs for the album that was to be "Tarot," began to come together. Brian was recording demos of various songs he had written in the last two years. "That was what I wanted to do at the time. The songs were really mystical and deep. But all of the sudden, that wasn't who I was anymore, so I just killed that whole album." With 11 songs that were completely eliminated, he was forced back at square one. He mentions, "I took all of 1997 off to write new songs and find out what it was that I wanted to do." Brian emerged in 1998 ready to record his first commercial album. That record, "Pi," took nearly 7 months to complete, and featured Brian playing every instrument (Larsen began playing guitar, drums, and bass in 1996). The album was released September 1, 1998. "So now I'd broken into music, and I was ready to get everything going with another rock album." Brian continued to play classical concerts from 1995 on, however.

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The cover from the extremely elusive "Pi," album. The album was put out of print by Brian in 1998.

Go Here to see the original cover from "Pi," from early 1997.