The Twilight's Moon Contest

WINNER #1: Gene Risper
Congratulations Gene!


Protocol Records' Newest contest is its most rewarding: you must get all of the answers on the following quiz correct to be entered. One winner each month will be selected from the subscribers to receive their choice of either an gift certificate or a gift certificate in the amount of $100.00. In addition, the winner will receive an advance signed copy of Twilight's Moon's upcoming album, "Broken Windows". Two second prize winners will be selected to receive a signed copy of either Twilight's Moon's "Electric" or "Broken Windows". Enter now! Any questions? Email

1. The following lyrics are from what Twilight's Moon song?

Don't tell me that you understand me
'Cause I can't turn you off

song title:

2. On how many Twilight's Moon albums has the song The Zoo appeared?


3. Up to 2003, how many total members have there been of Twilight's Moon?

4. The lyrics below are from what Twilight's Moon song?

It could work forever
And it won't go wrong

song title:

5. In early 2003, a key Protocol Records employee was released from his position. What was his name?


6. What is the name of Brian's uncle (the lead singer for the band "Uncle Mingo")?


7. Brian was presented with an RIAA gold 7" record for what Twilight's Moon single?


8. Who is the assistant manager of Protocol Records?


9. What is the name of the Twilight's Moon album, recorded in 1996, that was never released?


10. How many albums has Twilight's Moon released under the Protocol label? (hint, "Pi" and "Classics" count)

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