Hello. Welcome to my Lindsey Buckingham site.
Lindsey is, without a doubt, my biggest influence.... EVER.

To add something to the Twilights Moon page, I made a little site on him.


On October 3, 1949, Lindsey Buckingham was born to Morris & Rutheda Buckingham. Lindsey was in second-class as a child. As a small boy, Lindsey played to Elvis records on a toy guitar. At about 13, he grew a STRONG intrest in the Kingston trio. He went to high school with Stevie Nicks & formed a band with her & two of their fellow classmates. The band was called the Fritz Bayne Memorial Band. In 1971, when Fritz broke up, Lindsey & Stevie formed their own group; Buckingham/Nicks. The album was a complete flop, and made the group VERY poor. Then, on new year's eve 1974, the were asked to join Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey & Stevie accepted this offer. They made their first album, self-titled Fleetwood Mac. This album had such songs as: Rhiannon, I'm So Afraid, Over My Head and Say You Love Me. After this album, Lindsey & Stevie were no longer poor. They released their next album Rumours which went on to be the 3rd best selling album of all time. Then they released three more albums together: Tusk, Mirage, and Tango In The Night. Lindsey also did two solo albums. After this, in 1988, Fleetwood Mac had simply stopped playing music together. Then, in 1997, the group re-formed to do a live MTV special: The Dance. They completed a U.S. tour in Nov. 1997 and Lindsey is releasing a solo album in 2000.