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December 1, 2000


Please read

Hi! Ok.. Im FINALLY done recording ClockWork! Look for it avaliable for preorder in late December, 2000.... Also, check out the updated Photo Pages, as well as the updated links page! Rock on! -Bc

We now have several pics from ClockWork available for viewing. Click here.

Have the desire to write Twilights Moon, or to call Protocol Records? Want an autograph? Here is the new address:
Protocol Records: Twilights Moon
240 Ironshire South
Laurel, Md 20724


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The New Brian Larsen Interview Also, the advance information for the fourth album, ClockWork can be found soon.

See the interview Brian Larsen did with www.washingtoncitypaper.com . Its called the "Pop Quiz," and aired early August in support of the release of Slope. You can now order your CD copy! Fill out the form at the top of the page. Thanks!

Get a free copy of Slope! One winner will be drawn each month. Please send a request email to: Eurasiaroguepr@hotmail.com to enter.
Twilight's Moon is the creation of young musician, Brian Larsen. He, as lead pianist, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist, commands a Fleetwood-Mac type persona that can only be described as "Mystical." Through the process of over-dubbing, and flowing musicians, Twilight's Moon is made.

The Maryland native band released its first album, Pi, in September, 1999. The album, although a debut, and very ambitious effort, was well recieved among the public. The second album, The Classics, is a homage to the best classical pieces ever written. Twilights Moon recently released Slope, their third album. Twilights Moon is about to begin recording tracks for their fourth album.

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