June 18, 2002

Baltimore, Maryland

As is usually the Protocol style, Brian Larsen, the label's owner and founder, has opted to release a new EP, his appropriately titled "Songs Under the Moon," on Tuesday, July 2, 2002.Little information is avalible on the release, such as track information or a cover, but in a fashion that is truly unlike Protocol, Brian emerged from his recent seclusion in a brief press conference to say "There has been a lot of inquiry as to my intentions and reasoning behind releasing these EP's, especially since many of the songs on the EP are going to be featured on my forthcoming disc, "Epic." The purpose of these EP's is going to be, and has been, to test the popularity of certain songs and planned singles for the release in a more formal fashion. The plan worked well with the 'Close to Me' EP and I hope the same will be of this release. I plan on possibly releasing one more EP prior to the release of my disc." Although no other information is avalible at this time, Twilight's Moon fans can be rest assured that another exciting release is in the mix.