1993: Bc begins to take piano lessons.

1996: Bc, along with Trevor Hunter and Alex Masonis, begin writing songs.

1997: First real musical pieces are composed by Bc.

January 28, 1998: Bc, along with Trevor Hunter, form Twilights Moon.

1998: First incarnation of band includes Alex Masonis, Trevor Hunter, Bc, and Andrew Jones.

Mid-1998: Andrew Jones leaves Twilights Moon.

1998: Second incarnation of Twilights Moon: Trevor Hunter, Bc, Alex Masonis.

Early 1999: Alex Masonis is fired from Twilights Moon.

1999: Third incarnation of Twilights Moon included Bc, Trevor Hunter, and many guest preformers.

1999: Trevor Hunter is fired from Twilights Moon, because of his erratic requests.

1999: Recording begins for the debut album, Pi.

Mid 1999: Trevor Hunter signs Twilights Moon over to Bc, stating that he will never use the name in any way, shape, or form. Because Trevor signed and wrote this, AND because the contract gives no actual "property", and just the right to a name, Bc now has complete and full ownership of Twilights Moon.

September 1999: Pi is released.

September 1999: The fourth and current incarnation of Twilights Moon is formed, with Bc playing all leads, and with many guest preformers.

November 1999: Recording begins for the second (which later became the third) album.

2000: Protocol records is formed, which is an extension, and overtakes Big Love, inc.

February 2000: Because of a suggestion from a friend, The Classics is recorded and released on the same day, and is one of (if not THE) only albums in history ever to do so.

February 2000: Production continues for the third album, expected to be released in early 2001.