Format : Domestic CD 
Released : 1979 Oct 
Label : Warner Brothers 
Charts Peak : 
US #1, 
UK #4 (Nov 1979) 


Over & Over   
The Ledge    
Think About Me   
Save Me A Place    
What Makes You Think You're The One    
That's All For Everyone   
Not That Funny   
Sisters of the Moon    
That's Enough For Me  
Brown Eyes   
Never Make Me Cry   
I Know I'm Not Wrong   
Honey Hi   
Beautiful Child    
Walk A Thin Line    
Never Forget   


Where Rumours achieved greatness through turmoil, its double album followup Tusk is the sound of a band imploding. Lindsey Buckingham began to assume control of Fleetwood Mac during the Rumours sessions, but he dominates Tusk, turning the album into a paranoid roller coaster ride where sweet soft-rock is offset by feverish cocaine fantasies. Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks don't deviate from their established balladry, soft-rock and folk-rock templates, and all their songs are first-rate, whether it's McVie's "Over and Over" or Nicks' "Sara." Buckingham gives these mainstream-oriented songs off-kilter arrangements, so they can fit neatly with his nervy, insular, yet catchy songs. Alternating bracing pop-rockers like "The Ledge" and "What Makes You Think You're the One" with melancholic, Beach Boys-style ballads like "Save Me a Place" and "That's All For Everyone," Buckingham subverts pop-rock with weird arrangements and unpredictable melodies, which are nevertheless given accessible productions -- this is as weird as mainstream pop can get, pushing on the borders of the avant-garde. Even its hit title track is a strange, menacing threat punctuated by a marching band. Because of its ambitions, Tusk failed to replicate the success of its two predecessors (it still went double platinum), yet it earned a dedicated cult audience for fans of twisted, melodic pop. (Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide)


Lindsey Buckingham 
Mick Fleetwood 
Christine McVie 
John McVie 
Stevie Nicks 
guest appearance by Peter Green