Here are the explanations of as many of the videos as I can remember..

Fleetwood Mac:


Stevie dances in a room filled with lace and paper flowers. In the mirror, she sees other gypsies in other times.

The first gypsy walks down the street singing during the depression. She sees the poor and the hungry and it saddens her. This scene is filmed in sepia tones. Lindsey and John are leaning against a wall as Stevie walks by. Mick is riding in the back of a truck when he sees her. The next gypsy dances with a beau (Lindsey) in a night club during the thirties or forties. Christine and John are at one of the tables watching them dance. Stevie breaks away from Lindsey and runs outside in the rain alone. This scene is filmed in black and white in the film noir tradition.

The final gypsy dances through a wonderland with children and a man. This fantasic place is rich in color with a glittering forest on the edge of a cliff. Stevie dances all through this land even to the very edge of the cliff, but she is happy and carefree. The rest of the band sings & plays their instruments and watch the gypsy who has finally found herself.

Hold Me

Lindsey searches for Chris until he picks up a guitar and throws it into the air. It smashes into and breaks a painted mirror which reveals Christine. Meanwhile, John & Mick excavate guitars. Lindsey tries to paint Stevie, but he can't. She has to do it for herself.

There is a lot of symbolism relating to an artist (I don't remember who). The final shot is of Christine leading a white horse (which has green spots) into the desert.

Big Love

The band plays through the many rooms in the house on the hill. Lindsey and his love are together in a few of the rooms, but the band remains constant throughout the video. The entire video is played back until it freezes on Lindsey's face.

Little Lies

Just your average rock band jammin' in a barn :)

Seven Wonders

Stevie and the band play in a beautiful room with many columns. She and Lindsey are very playful towards one another. Lindsey even hugs Mick towards the end of the video.


Goings on in a castle in medieval times (don't remember much about this one).

As Long As You Follow

The band plays in one room of a hotel or apartment building with a roaring fire while it snows outside. In the other rooms of the building, there are three couples who are going through relationship problems. Each story is played out until the couples are reconciled in some way.

Paper Doll

Clips from all of the FM videos (including the Tusk doc) are played on a tamborine, guitars, a drum, keyboards, and various writhing bodies ;)

The Sky Is The Limit

Filmed like a live concert video. Bright white light throughout.

Stevie Nicks:

If You Ever Did Believe

The song begins with a close-up of a little girl's face. She looks down into a large bowl which is filled with white flower petals. The girl and her sister watch as the petals begin drifting high into the air toward the full moon.

An overhead shot of Stevie looking up into the lens is shown. She is singing as the petals slowly fall and settle around the hem of her dress. Clips of Stevie singing and dancing are shown, and Sheryl Crow is playing the guitar beside her.

The set appears to be the same set the movie was shot in. There are cables on the floor, and scaffolding all around. The set of the house and the yard around it is in the background of several scenes. Petals rise above Stevie, then Sheryl begins singing with Stevie as clips of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman portraying sisters in the film Practical Magic are shown.

Stevie watches a monitor which is playing clips from the movie. There appears to be a picture attached to the screen which falls away. Stevie walks onto the set of the exterior of the house, and looks into the window. The actresses are dancing around the kitchen as the music is playing in the background. There is another shot of Stevie, this time the view is from inside the house as she is looking into the window. There are also several scenes of Stevie wailing away. Stevie and Sheryl walk across the set as they sing, and Sheryl plays her guitar.

What appears to be a scene of a seance from the film is shown including the scene marker (which lets the actors know when to begin acting). Stevie is shown walking into the candle-lit set. A man holding a scene marker runs past her. She is shown looking at a monitor while sitting in a director's chair.

Sandra Bullock stands outside on a deck which overlooks a lake. The sun is setting, and she looks at a leaf which is on her open palm. She watches as it lifts into the air. The camera moves to Stevie singing, 'Baby, don't leave me...' The leaf is shown drifting up through the soundstage to where Stevie and Sheryl are standing on a scaffold above the set. Sheryl watches the leaf on it's ascent, while Stevie looks directly at the camera. The video closes with an enchanting close-up of Stevie.

Fashion Notes: Stevie is wearing her trademark black handkerchief skirt with a black collarless jacket. She has her black platform boots on, and her face is framed with rhinestones in the middle of her forehead and at the corner of each eye. She is wearing at least three earrings in her left ear, and her hair appears to have blue streaks in it, but that may be attributed to the bright lighting. Also, in some scenes, Stevie seems to be wearing tight black pants with a mini skirt and the see-through handkerchief skirt over them with her jacket. Sheryl is wearing a burgandy colored shirt and embroidered skirt. The shirt appears black at times, or she may have had a costume change.

Edge of Seventeen

There are two versions of this video (that I have seen). Revised Version #1 alternates scenes from a concert type setting with Stevie, Lori, Sharon and the band to a storyline which is as follows:

Stevie is seated by a table looking at photographs of herself and Christopher. She says, "And the days go by like a strand in the wind. In the web that is my own, I begin again. I said to my friend, 'Nothing else matters.'"

A still photo of Stevie in concert comes to life, and the camera pulls back to reveal Lori, Sharon and the band behind her.

Stevie is then shown sitting on a couch in a darkened room. She looks behind her then picks up a doll that was beside her on the couch.

Stevie walks down a hallway but stops abruptly when Chris appears at the other end of the hall. He then disappears in front of her eyes.

Later, Stevie runs down the stairs holding her doll. Chris is waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, and he shakes her until she drops the doll. Then a short clip from the Rolling Stone cover photo shoot is shown (Stevie holding Chris's bird). A white winged dove takes flight. More concert scenes, then Stevie is shown walking along the beach in her long black chiffon dress. The dove is shown flying and the video ends with a profile shot of Stevie smiling.

Revised Version # 2 begins with the concert setting and does not include the storyline with Chris, but it does show the RS cover shoot and it also ends with Stevie smiling in profile.

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Stevie, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are in what appears to be a recording studio. Stevie and Tom sing into their microphones as if they were actually recording the song, but they also sing to the camera and each other. Stevie does do a couple of twirls. There is also a shot of Stevie, Sharon and Lori singing backup together.

Stand Back

There are two versions of this video. The original version was set during the Civil War.

If Anyone Falls

Stevie is in a movie theater watching a film. Sandy Stewart plays an organ as Stevie (onscreen) and Mick walk past. Stevie sings and does a lot of ballet dancing. There is also a cool shot of Stevie & her backup singers riding a Merry-Go-Round.

Talk To Me

Begins in the very room that is on the cover of Stevie's current tourbook (Enchanted). Stevie dances around in several rooms with Chris & the girls. She also sings alone into the microphone.

I Can't Wait

Stevie, Chris, & the girls dance up and down a long white flight of stairs. Mick dances in a cameo. Stevie seems to be singing in a wind tunnel through the middle part of the vid. She is also shown trapped in a tiny room, until Chris & the girls break through the wall & she escapes.

Rooms On Fire

Stevie sees a man from across a beautiful room. He is her true love & he dies before her. But after many years, he comes back to take her home with him. (I believe this was shot in Stevie's home).

Whole Lotta Trouble

Live concert video

Sometimes It's A Bitch

Begins with pictures from Stevie's life then, concert clips are shown intersperced with video clips from recording sessions, other concerts and photo shoots. (Shows several shots including one of Stevie falling down and one of her playing the guitar!)

Mick Fleetwood:

I Want You Back

A lady (the queen, perhaps?) and a monk plan to kill their king (Mick). He overhears their plans, and gets the monk drunk. He then dresses the monk in his crown & robe and hides. The lady kills the monk thinking that it is the king. She runs away and finds out that the king is still alive. She runs back to the monk, but he is dead. A procession of what looks like a choir form around her and the dead monk. Stevie has a cameo as one of the members of the choir.

Christine McVie:

Love Will Show Us How

The video begins with Christine & her director discussing the plot of the video. She wants a simple video, but the director wants a lavish production. "Trust me." he says. So she plays her piano and sings while guitars are bursing into flames, drums are crashing down, dancers who should spell out 'LOVE' end up spelling "LOEV' and the smoke machine goes nuts. Finally, a UFO crashes down on Christine and her piano. She pops out of it and the director says, "Aren't you glad you trusted me?" and Christine just laughs.

Lindsey Buckingham:


This video opens with several quick takes of different men (including Mick) in black or white outfits counting "Two...Three...Four" and making faces. Then, a shot of drummers (in black) and the guitarists (in white) in a 'V' formation with Lindsey in front wearing his black suit and playing his guitar. At one point, Lindsey faces Mick as he sings and plays, and there are several nice close-ups of his playing.

It Was I

This video takes off on the theme of the pictures on the inside of his LP Law and Order. It opens with Lindsey looking at his Law and Order LP (gatefold). He opens it up and looks at the pictures inside. He steps out of a picture and sings the song (sans guitar). A photo of he and his girlfriend (Carol Ann) comes to life then returns to the pic.

Lindsey does not play his guitar in this video, and he looks uncomfortable without it. There is some really BAD lipsync in this video, and he is having a bad hair day. But, he is in a black suit with a red shirt which is unbuttoned and that makes up for the other problems :)

Go Insane

Lindsey climbs through a mirror into another world. There are many strange sights including when Lindsey looks up at a larger version of himself (who is looking down on Lindsey). The video ends with him trapped in a box which fades to static.

Slow Dancing

In a haunted castle, Lindsey glimpses spirits and goblins. He finds his lost love and dances with her throughout the night.

Holiday Road

Lindsey is in an office building which is really a prison to him. He looks out the window to another version of himself who is free. He goes a little crazy wanting to get out. The free Lindsey looks back at him and disappears through the trees.


Dueling Lindsey's! Young Mr. Rockcock is your typical rock star with all the bad behavior one might expect. Lindsey tells him he is wrong, then they duel with their guitars. Lindsey battles Rockcock, a Presley lookalike and a leather-clad Lindsey. Lindsey tears the place up, and Rockcock falls out the window. Lindsey plays his guitar as he slowly walks away.


HAMMOCK! Lindsey Buckingham frolicks! He plays the drums and basically goofs off. (There is some tall grass involved.)