July 19, 2004 Entry 91

Hey... sorry for my long absence!
I'm at my girlfriend's house relaxing after spending the day with her, my brother, and my sister-in-law. It's been a fun summer of recording and relaxing. Thanks for making the "Mind Candy" single my best selling ever, and for supporting the upcoming "Last of the Romantics" album (heretofor represented as "LOTR," not to be confused with "Lord of the Rings.")
I've been on the promotional circuit working nonstop at doing interviews with magazines and newspapers throughout the country, from the local level (throughout Maryland) to the international (doing an interview with an e-zine in Japan, several in Holland and other countries, etc. I did an interview a few weeks ago with Gloss magazine, I'm doing a cover story tomorrow with a newspaper from Maryland. It's exciting stuff, I should think.
I've been working with all of that stuff and trying to adjust to having some time off, you know? It's a balance, trying to retain your privacy while still trying to eject yourself in the public eye. Rest assured, when I am ready to release "The Last of the Romantics" this fall (July 27 just wasn't feasible), then I will be right back into full on, unrated promo mode.
For now, to get your fill of my personal life you're going to have to check out any one of the many articles that I'm in. I'm going to try to coordinate to have someone transcribe them all so that you can view them (and the pictures) online.
Anyway, that's all for now. I can't believe it's been three months since I've written, and we're coming up on the FIFTH anniversary of the release of "Slope." Scary.

The closing news that I can offer for you right now is regarding the TM2K5 campaign, which will be nationwide. Basically, it has to do with the fact that Twilight's Moon was formed in 1995 and is my 10th anniversary, etc. You get the fucking point.
Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your month. I'll try to write before I leave for South Carolina. Maybe I'll catch some more of you at gas stations throughout 295!

Love always,

April 24, 2004 Entry 90

Hi all!
I am in Richmond, Virginia, many miles from home... hopefully enjoying a very exciting night. I'll be back home tomorrow sometime.
I have spent the entire weekend re-mixing "Mind Candy," and I just have a few more tracks to add and then I'll be done. The single is going to be released May 18th... it's the best song I've ever done! We'll post a clip of that within the next few weeks.
"Last of the Romantics" is still set for July 20th, and it is going to be a huge mix of songs and genres. The single is this sexy, catchy, hook-driven baritone. It's definitely something different. I'm considering doing another trance album, but that would only be well after I had already finished promoting LOTR, which I will probably be working on for many, many months. I certainly havent stopped the cycle for "Broken Windows," but it is selling so well on it's own and I am so energized, that I figure that I will put some of this extra energy toward an effort that I can already tell is my best album yet.

So, I'm off... but I will talk to everyone soon!

April 14, 2004 Entry 89

Hey Guys!
What a crazy, crazy month it has been..
I don't have too much time to write, but I thought that I would fill you in on my life over the last month to keep you up to pace.
I just returned from a very nice trip down to South Carolina to celebrate my birthday (which was April 9), and prior to that I've been working hard on the acoustic album, which is going to be titled "The Last of the Romantics." It is going to be released July 20th, 2004, although that date is still tentative. I have been recording like crazy and working on getting a label deal, which is exciting. I'm in the process of discussing with a few different labels who are all interested.
Anyway, I promise that I will write again soon... hope you all are doing well!

March 8, 2004 Entry 88

Hello to everyone!
My apologies for not writing sooner. It's been very busy here. Justin is in from Kentucky and we are recording songs for the new album. In addition, I've had some promo pics done and I'll be posting those ASAP. Whew, it's hechtic!
I'll talk to everyone soon and will make another entry within the next few days.