t h e   C L O C K W O R K   a l b u m
Release Date: January 23, 2001
Tracks: 12
In Production

"ClockWork" was the very beginning of something special for Brian Larsen. Hailed as his first "breakthrough" album, it was both a pinnacle album for Brian personally and professionally. The warm response from critics and fans alike for "ClockWork" inspired Brian to become an even more prolific writer. Characterized as the "beginning of musical catharsis" by Brian, the album remains one of Twilight's Moon's best, and a close look at Larsen at a very young age.

I Have My Doubts                          
Can't Walk Away                           
Head Over Heels                           
Circles on the Water                       
I Should Know                              
The Game                                   
In These Dark Woods                        
War Song                                   
War Song (continued)                       
There is a Difference (You're Out of Luck) 
I'm Leaving                               
Nothing Changes