Release Date: January 23, 2001
Tracks: 12

ClockWork is considered by many to be Larsens underdog album, as it sold the among the least copies, but earned perhaps the most acclaim. The public didn't have much of a time to react to the sales, due to the fact that the promotion of the album virtually stopped weeks after its release due to adminstrative shortcomings. ClockWork is available now, and highly reccomended among the music critics in the community for its strong content, and headset production.

I Have My Doubts                            1:11 
Can't Walk Away                             1:31 
Head Over Heels                             3:38   
Circles on the Water                        3:23 
I Should Know                               2:09 
The Game                                    4:55 
In These Dark Woods                         1:18 
War Song                                    1:02 
War Song (continued)                        1:37 
There is a Difference (You're Out of Luck)  1:41 
I'm Leaving                                 1:32 
Nothing Changes                             4:33