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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas and conveying information. This website will help familiarize you with the background of ISMAG and its founder, Brian Larsen.


The International Self-Mutilation Awareness Group was founded in July, 2003, by musician Brian Larsen. He founded the charity as a means of informing both the general public and the loved ones of a self-mutilator about the illness and the intense stigma given to self-mutilation by much of the medical community. Brian Larsen went public with his tearful story of self-mutilation in the fall of 2002, and has been rehabilitating himself since then. While working on his newest album, Brian gathered the time and energy to give something back to the other self-mutilators who had supported him so much in his struggle to get "sober" from cutting. This group is his dedicated labor of love, an effort to get the word out about what Larsen calls "the most difficult addiction to overcome in the world."

Brian Larsen

Brian Larsen in the Spring of 2003

Larsen in the Spring of 2003

Future Plans

in the near future, we plan to greatly expand our sites and services. Here is a quick list of some of our ideas:
-Charity Auctions on eBay
-Donation Information
-Further 501(c)(3) tax certification
-Expanded "Help"/"Information" Section
-Forum for Psychiatrists/Psychologists/Doctors to gather, discuss, and trade information about dealing with self-mutilation in their patients.
-Ideas for stopping self-mutilation and ways for family members to help.

This website was founded and created in conjunction with Protocol Records, The International Self-Mutilation Awareness Group's parent company. ISMAG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit subsidiary of Protocol Records.
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