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There are plenty of ways that you can get involved and help ISMAG:

Volunteer Your Time

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering in person! We will soon be scheduling campaigns to inform the general public about self-mutilation in an attempt to increase awareness.

Inform Your Doctor!

Even if your doctor is not currently seeing a patient that is self-mutilating, this website can be used as a resource to help your doctor better understand the problems and stigmas associated with self-mutilation, so that when he or she is confronted with the situation, they will be better equipped to fit the needs of the patient.

Make a Donation

Your donations to ISMAG will be used in their entirety to help fund advertising campaigns. Remember, your donation is completely tax deductible.

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Help Link Us to Other Sites

One of the most important ways to help ISMAG grow is to link to us from your website, or to reccommend our site to other sites related to health, psychiatric disorders, or self-mutilation.