History of Protocol Records

Protocol Records as it now stands was founded in 1996 by Brian Larsen. The label was originally created as the host of Larsen's band, Twilight's Moon, but quickly expanded after the release of Twilight's Moon's first record, Pi. Soon thereafter, founder Brian Larsen began working closely with former bandmate Trevor Hunter, who became the manager of the label. Around this time, Brian also began working with famed actress and director, Debra Ritz Mason, who became the label's executive manager in the fall of 2000.

Protocol released several small albums, but recieved its first recognized success in August 2000 for its production of The Slope, by Twilights Moon. Sales took off, and with more albums came a greatly increased budget. The successful Clockwork album followed, receiving acclaim from many critics.

In late 2001, Protocol Released Emergency Exit, Twilight's Moon's fifth album. Around this time, Larsen began signing other artists to the label, including Emo-Rockers John Doe and the Unknown Articles and most recently, the Punk band Ill Equipped. After releasing Electric in the spring of 2003, Larsen went in the studio to work on a new rock album, Broken Windows, which was released in November, 2003. Since late 2002, Protocol Records has been a public label, accepting unsolicited submissions for new artists. When Hunter was released from his contract in early 2003 without recourse, Justin Ray signed on as Protocol's Assistant Manager. In June, 2004, Larsen released "Mind Candy," a collection of songs Larsen recorded for a literary magazine of the same name. In October, 2004, Larsen announced that he would appear in 2005's "XXX2: State of the Union," a motion picture starring Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson. In addition, he plans to release Twilight's Moon's eighth studio album "The Last of the Romantics." Look for more exciting projects from Protocol Records in 2005 and beyond!